My Pregnancy Must Haves

Being newly pregnant and it being my first pregnancy, I didn’t really know what to expect. I thought i’d experience things like an enormous appetite, a positive outlook/attitude (especially considering we tried so hard to conceive in the first place) and I was so looking forward to that glowing complexion everyone talks about in pregnancy… not a chance.  There are a few things that have had a positive impact on my pregnancy and have hands down saved my ass.  These are my pregnancy must haves!

  1. Essential oils- You can literally use these for ANYTHING. Nausea, headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, pregnancy acne (a huge issue i’ve had with this pregnancy). You do have to be careful because there are oils that are unsafe to use during pregnancy, so make sure to do some research before using. My personal favorites that I’ve used consistently since the first trimester are a frankincense lavender blend, lemon, eucalyptus, and peppermint.  I would recommend using a diffuser with your oils, it disperses them throughout the room and makes you feel amazing and helps boost your mood if you get the pregnancy blues like I did.img_0663
  2. Boppy Pregnancy Pillow- After about my 9th week I was waking up 4-5 times a night, tossing and turning, snoring (according to my Husband…) so I went to Target and swooped this thing up. Let me say, I can’t imagine my life without it. I like this one specifically because it comes in three separate pieces that velcro together, so you can take it apart and use each piece for different things other than sleeping.  For example, I use the long piece under my knees to elevate my feet after being on them all day at work.  You can even use one as a nursing pillow for after the baby arrives! I most definitely sleep better when using this and will take all the sleep I can get before our little man arrives.img_0664
  3. Honest Co Organic Belly Balm-  I’ve used this twice a day since the first trimester (currently I’m 29 weeks) and still.. no stretch marks. I’m not promising you it works for everyone but this makes my skin feel like butter.  TMI: Ladies, for awhile my nipples were ON FIRE (Alicia Keys singing voice).  They were even cracking.. like what?! I haven’t even starting breastfeeding yet! I put this balm on them and it was instant relief for me.  Honest Co does have a nipple balm as well but this stuff seems to kill two birds with one stone for me.img_0665
  4. Nursing Bra-  I’ve never been “well endowed”, never had issues with my bras being too small or even uncomfortable until I became pregnant.  Now that I’m in my third trimester my biggest “pre-pregnancy” bra is even too small.. a nice Victoria’s Secret seamless bra.. literally falling apart because my boobs are constantly trying to break free (insert Zac Efron High School Musical breaking free GIF here).  I bought the Gillian O’Malley seamless nursing bra, and I feel like I can breathe again!  There is a little padding so I feel supported, which is great.  Its quite sad, really, that my Husband is away doing his Army training and not being able to enjoy these wonderful bosoms.  Although, I suppose he could look-y but not touch-y because they still feel like they were ran over by a truck (another joy of pregnancy I wasn’t fully aware of) img_0666

Some more of my must haves include things like chap stick (duh), a shit ton of water each day (I try to drink at least a gallon every day) and a REALLY good charcoal facial mask for that wonderful pregnancy glow!

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