Traveling in the 3rd trimester

Let me start off by saying, the amount of time I spend emptying my bladder due to baby’s head being right on it, is inconceivable.  During a 45 minute wait before boarding our plane I went to the bathroom 3 times.  I wanted to be POSTIVE I wasn’t going to have to pee on the plane.  HAHA.  Right.

As if I didn’t get enough weird looks from people as I was boarding the plane with my 34 week pregnant belly.  Almost like the baby was going to fly out and they were going to have to catch him.  On top of that, my seat was uncomfortable, I was sweating my ass off and there was a baby foot stuck in my rib cage.  I’m so grateful I brought my travel pillow (the U-shaped ones they sell at the airport).  I put it right behind my lower back and I finally got comfortable.  You know what happens when I get comfortable? I have to F&%$ing pee. Again.

Once the plane landed I waddled off and we made our way to the hotel.  I had been stressing all week prior to going because I had no idea how I was going to survive without my pregnancy pillow.  If I ever travel again while pregnant I will most definitely spend the extra money to check a bag and stuff it with my pillow.  I slept like complete shit the 3 nights we were there.  Then again, some of the reasoning behind that was we found a cockroach in our room after the first night (apparently thats normal in South Carolina).  I tried the put pillows under my belly, between my legs, behind my back.. nothing was as comfortable as my pregnancy pillow.

Towards the end of our trip I wasn’t very good about staying hydrated.  We were constantly going, I didn’t sit down much and honestly I didn’t want to keep finding a bathroom every 15-20 minutes.  But as soon as we got on the plane to head home I could really feel the dehydration.  My shoes were so tight due to swelling that they were pulsating.  It was a chore getting those off my feet when I got home.  Not to mention the whole week after coming home I’ve been sick and have a sinus infection.  Clearly, that trip took it out of me.

Although, if my trip had been somewhere tropical I would’ve spent all my time on the beach, with my feet up and a water in my hand at all times.  Unfortunately, we spent it in Columbia, South Carolina where there is a Bojangles on every corner and a weave shop every 500 feet (if you are from Columbia, my apologies).  It was worth the exhaustion, to see my wonderful Husband graduate his training in the Army.  Im so proud and I’m happy  I was able to be there.  He’s setting such amazing examples for Nash already, and is going to be a great father.

But next time, I’m bringing roach spray and my pregnancy pillow 🙂

One thought on “Traveling in the 3rd trimester

  1. What a struggle as a pregnant momma! But I know the hubby loved seeing you and vice versa. So proud of you! You got this momma! Homestretch now!


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